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From Hobby to Small Business, an Alluring Career Choice

When Kara Thininger switched careers, she happened upon a survey to see whether she would be a good small business owner. The results surprised her, and she quickly found space to sublet from a hair salon in downtown Portland and founded Alluring Face PDX.

Initially, the business was “an expensive hobby.” It was something she loved, but it didn’t make any money.

Kara heard about the Small Business Development Center at Mt. Hood Community College, where she had taken classes previously. Her sublet gave her an excellent location, but didn’t have the visibility she needed to be successful. The SBDC helped.

After meeting with an adviser and attending a class, Kara started developing a new website using the latest tools and social media techniques. Her SBDC adviser helped Kara get the domain name and build the website from the ground up. The added web visibility greatly increased her business.

“Six months after launching the new site, my business doubled,” Kara said. “I wouldn’t be in business today without help from the SBDC and my adviser. I can’t rave enough about the SBDC. I tell people about it whenever the opportunity arises.”

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