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American ITC secures 10 year government contracts with help from SBDC

Bobbye Darcy didn’t anticipate owning a business painting parts for some of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world when she started getting help from the SBDC. A serial entrepreneur with a passion for finding opportunity, Bobbye saw a gap in the robust aviation services market and took a leap into aircraft finishing.

Aviation painting and finishing requires advanced technology and significant risks to make the company go. The SBDC’s Small Business Management program helped Bobbye and her husband navigate these turbulent skies to find new opportunities for growth. The SBDC helped with understanding the financials and formalizing the business structure to support the company’s long term growth.

“The SBDC helped us know where we were, where we wanted to go, and how to get there,” Bobbye said.

This process helped the company secure long term government contracts and new business. The company recently purchased a sandblasting chamber to expand the range of services offered in-house.

“By understanding our financials and through better forecasting and understanding our profits in greater depth, we’ve been able to make the bigger investments to be successful,” Bobbye said.

Today, American ITC has numerous contracts, including on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The company has experienced 40 percent growth and continues to be set for success.

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