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From Prototype to High-Growth Company, the SBDC’s Assistance is Growing with Arclight

Scott Cunningham first came to the Central Oregon SBDC with an idea and a prototype of a CNC router to carve realistic replicas of the area’s surrounding mountains. With no router solution commercially available, he created his own and discovered he had a potential business. He started in the SBDC’s Launch class where he prepared his business structure, turning his idea into a company.

As the company grew, Scott joined the Small Business Management program, where he gained deeper insights into the day-to-day operations of the business. By continuing to focus on product development and getting assistance from the SBDC on business operations, Scott identified new markets for his routers. By keeping production in-house, Arclight Dynamics controlled costs while maintaining high product standards.

With continued year-over-year growth of 40 percent, Arclight joined the Scale Oregon program to receive additional specialized services focused on the unique challenges of high growth companies. The SBDC helped Arclight create the systems to make this growth work by reducing inefficiencies.

“Don’t hesitate, take bigger risks, and don’t be afraid to invest more in your company,” Scott said.

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