Wild Yeast Bakery

Baking Success with Wild Yeast Bakery

After many years as Methodist ministers, April Hall Cutting and her husband, Craig, started a community-supported bakery in Corvallis.

The couple bakes as many as 120 artisan-style sourdough loaves a week in their home and delivers the fresh bread to families.

Before launching the business, they took the SBDC’s Foundations of Business Success class. They met fellow entrepreneurs who were starting businesses and encouraged one another to succeed. The class helped April and Craig take the process of starting their bakery step-by-step.

“I was given the confidence to ask for help from the right kinds of people,” April said.

The SBDC encouraged them to seek out a graphic designer to help them with marketing materials.

“Knowing that we needed to do that came from the class, and knowing what we needed to ask for from them,” she said.

The couple learned how to bake sourdough bread using locally grown grain. Since April and Craig live in a cohousing community, they decided to try a community-supported model.

They currently have as many as 48 subscribers a week. They also sell their bread at the Corvallis and Albany farmers markets.

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Benny’s Donuts

When Financing a Tasty Treat, Knowing the Lenders Helps

Benny Augeri started baking donuts in his garage in 2015 while attending Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Fewer than two years later and with help from SBDC, Augeri opened a donut shop on NW Third Street in downtown Corvallis.

Before opening his storefront, Augeri perfected a family recipe for cake donuts by getting feedback from friends. In 2016, he purchased a fryer and subleased a kitchen to start a donut delivery business. Sales soared as Augeri delivered donuts throughout Corvallis.

In June 2016, he went to SBDC. An adviser helped Augeri write an application for a Business Oregon loan. Because his advisor knew what the finance program was looking for, she helped him refine his application, he said.

“It was really worth it,” Augeri said.

He opened Benny’s Donuts in September 2016. Augeri’s menu features classic flavors like chocolate with sprinkles and cinnamon sugar, as well as more unique recipes, like marionberry and rosemary and lemon lavender with black pepper. He also makes gluten-free and vegan donuts.

Augeri is considering opening a second Benny’s Donuts location, he said.

“I set it up to be sustainable, self-sufficient and scalable,” Augeri said.

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Apex Property Clearing

From clearing houses to clearing checks, the LBCC SBDC helped Apex grow

John Origer started Apex Property Clearing in 2011 to clean out foreclosed homes in Linn County.

Now, John and his crew do debris removal, hoarder clean-up, brush clearing, estate clean-out and demolition in Linn, Benton and Marion counties.

In 2012, John went to SBDC for help in his expanding business. He took the business startup class and talked with an adviser about better understanding his profit and loss statements. SBDC also helped him get a contractor’s license so he could do earthquake retrofits on homes.

Working with an adviser who came from the construction industry was helpful, John said.

“For anyone who is thinking about starting a business, the first place I’d go to is the SBDC,” he said. “They’ll be able to find an adviser who can go over the details of what you’d like to do.”

John continues to meet with his adviser periodically to talk about issues like bookkeeping and how to effectively manage his employees, he said.

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You’ve got the idea and the business, let us help you take it to the next level.