Your Team

Meet Your Local Small Business Development Center Team

Your Team

Our team covers all aspects of business, from startup to succession. Our combined business experience ranges from graphic design, technology, marketing, business accounting and bookkeeping, retail, operational planning, business systems, finance and community networking.

Our team of advisers are local and have experience with business ownership, bringing you the expertise and resources you need to succeed.

  • Eric DeLary
    Eric DeLaryDirector
    Since his paper route and lawn mowing business at the age of 12, Eric has always loved the idea of being a business owner. After graduating the Community College of Vermont with an Associate of Arts Degree, he went on to pursue a Bachelors in
  • Kristy Athens
    Kristy AthensAdviser
    Kristy supports her local economy with a business called Genuine Wallowa County. She has an M.S. in Food Systems and Society from Marylhurst University and is the author of Get Your Pitchfork On:
  • Cindee Henderson
    Cindee HendersonAdviser
    Cindee worked for 25 years as a comptroller in the automotive industry before starting her own business in 2014, which she currently owns and operates. Her experiences include marketing, accounting, creating systems as well as various leadership roles.
  • Jana Simpson
    Jana SimpsonAdviser
    There is no doubt about it, starting or expanding a business can be a daunting task. An owner/operator of two successful Baker County businesses since 2003, Jana knows firsthand how important it is to have all the pieces in place.
  • Jeff Nelson
    Jeff NelsonAdviser
    How do your colleagues describe you? Nothing happens in the business community without Jeff knowing about it. He is the guy to go to when you have an idea for a new business or need help with your existing business. Why do you do what
  • Lori Schaafsma
    Lori SchaafsmaAdviser
    We all have certain fears associated with owning and operating a business. Having focus and understanding your business finances are critical. Lori helps her clients navigate the process of creating a business plan, with emphasis on maintaining the focus of why you started the business

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