Clatsop SBDC

Welcome to your Small Business Development Center for the North Oregon Coast!

Welcome to the Clatsop Small Business Development Center at Clatsop Community College.  Our expert team of business advisors and instructors are here to help your business thrive.

Our services include:

  • Business counseling: get paired with a professional business advisor for free, confidential business counseling
  • Education & Workshops: take advantage of a wide range of affordable classes designed to keep your skills sharp.  Check out our current in-person, on-demand and digital workshop offerings here.
  • Small Business Management Program: This 9-month ‘executive education’ styled program is designed to give current business owners (1 year +) an exceptional educational opportunity to take their entrepreneurial skills to the next level.
  • Weekly Small Biz Newsletter: Helps business owners up to speed on the latest small business news and information. Sign up today!
  • Specialty/ Advanced Services: for larger, established businesses we offer strategic planning services such as annual business planning support, staff retreat facilitation, marketing planning & customer journey mapping facilitation =

Let us help you as you navigate:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Forming a business
  • Helping you navigate applying for a small business loan
  • Exploring grants and other funding options
  • Understanding your business finances
  • Developing systems for bookkeeping & record keeping
  • Improving your leadership & management skills
  • Hiring & managing employees
  • Exit & succession planning
  • Budgeting & cash flow planning
  • Marketing & sales plan development
  • Choosing the right location & navigating lease negotiations
  • Technology & Point of Sale (POS) selection
  • Risk management & insurance, and much more!

Our staff is available to meet with you at one of our two locations at the Seaside or Astoria campuses, virtually via Zoom or on the phone. To request a no-cost business advising appointment or to learn more, please click here or call us at 503-338-2402.

Kevin Leahy

Director, Clatsop SBDC

All the payment platforms, social media and finances can be really confusing, so it was really great to have direction broken down into easy steps instead of feeling overwhelmed. It’s always nice to have a person to bounce ideas off of that has experience.
Jenn VisserHealthy Hub Massage & Wellness

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From our intensive Small Business Management Program cohort-based classes to workshops on new laws, HR and emerging marketing trends, we have the classes you need to help start and grow your business. It all starts by connecting with your local center.