Your Team

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Your Team

Each of the Southern Oregon University SBDC staff is a longtime business owner. Each team member has years of advising experience, the educational background to bring insight and solid counsel to your business, and a passion to build success. We excel in finance, business operations, finding capital, scaling-up your business/hiring employees, technology and marketing.

  • Marshall Doak
    Marshall DoakDirector
    Marshall's first career was with horticulture corporations manufacturing products in an industrial environment. He's spent years working with companies to open facilities, revamp operations as turn-around's to build profitability, and to develop internal operations and processes to produce uniform products. After earning his MBA in
  • Brandon Cordell
    Brandon CordellAdviser
    How do your colleagues describe you? “Always willing to help.” Why do you do what you do? “You don’t know what you don’t know and what you don’t know in business may be very damaging. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in order to
  • Colin Bunnell
    Colin BunnellAdviser
    While working in Silicon Valley, she built a successful consulting business providing services to Fortune 500 companies and coaching executives at numerous high tech start-up companies. Since moving to the Rogue Valley she helped build and co-owned a successful computer repair company, worked in senior
  • Leo Hull
    Leo HullAdviser
    Leo is no stranger to working long hours and building viable operations from small starts. He has three restaurant starts as owner/operator, with profitability as core elements, and successful transitions to new ownership.
  • Keeley Kirkendall
    Keeley KirkendallAdviser
    Keeley Kirkendall has more than 20 years experience in commercial real estate, delivering more than $4 billion dollars of debt and equity investments of real estate nationwide. He has extensive experience in affordable housing, managing new acquisitions as well as a $1.2 billion national investment
  • Jack Vitacco
    Jack VitaccoAdviser
    Jack has worked with business owners his entire professional career. As an account representative for 3M Corp. and as an independent manufacturers' representative, Jack assisted wholesale distribution businesses to increase market share and manage profits. Since 2006, Jack has applied these experiential skills to the

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