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Welcome to the Tillamook County Small Business Development Center!

Tillamook County is nestled between the Oregon Coast Range and the Pacific Ocean. Famous for trees, cheese and the ocean breeze, there is much more to the county’s thriving economy. Tillamook County is a patchwork quilt of many small communities that house hundreds of small businesses – most of which have fewer than five employees. These communities rely on the SBDC to be their go-to resource for access to mostly free services that help their businesses thrive and grow.

The Tillamook SBDC, hosted in Tillamook Bay Community College, serves all variety of businesses, from small commercial fishermen to restaurateurs to manufacturers. The tourism industry is one of our fastest-growing market segment, as the world continues to discover this slice of paradise. We offer free, confidential one-on-one advising for businesses in every phase of development, from a rough idea to a small empire. Our workshops allow clients to interact with each other and explore common areas of need.

We love what we do. All of us have entrepreneurial backgrounds and know the pros and cons of being a business owner. We are here to help you realize your dream, whatever that may be.

Contact us and we will help you unlock your business potential.

Leon Telesmanich

Director, Tillamook Bay SBDC

We started with a plot of land and without the SBDC we wouldn’t be here.
Dee and Mark HarguthSheltered Nook

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From our intensive Small Business Management Program cohort-based classes to workshops on new laws, HR and emerging marketing trends, we have the classes you need to help start and grow your business. It all starts by connecting with your local center.