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Your Team

Business in Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho is unique, from the farms and fields of Malheur County to the online publishing industry, and all points in between.

Who better to help you navigate the business world here than those who have been operating businesses in the region for years? Let our experienced team of local advisers help you grow your business.

  • Andrea Testi
    Andrea TestiDirector
    Andrea Testi is director of the Center for Business, Workforce and Community Learning at Treasure Valley Community College. Andrea has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Library and Information Science. She has been a university librarian and has owned and managed businesses across multiple states. Having been a small business owner herself, Andrea understands the hard work that comes with starting and running a small business. She has been the TVCC SBDC Director since 2000 and shares her depth of business expertise with her team and clients daily.
  • Darin Huffaker
    Darin HuffakerAdviser
    Darin has built and run several small businesses from startups to multi-million dollars. He has purchased over 15 companies himself and sold a handful of them over the last 20 years in the service industry.
  • Ronda Baines
    Ronda BainesAdviser
    Ronda is an office assistant for the SBDC at TVCC. She holds a B.S. in Education from University of Idaho. Ronda is a founder and the board president for Treasure Valley Classical Academy. Her experience in fundraising, in business-to-business marketing, small business ownership and education has sustained her during this endeavor. All these experiences help Ronda comprehend and embrace the challenges and joys involved in running small businesses here in the Treasure Valley.
  • Chris Hollaway
    Chris HollawayAdviser
    Chris's education has been mainly out of the classroom, on the front lines of diverse businesses and in his own entrepreneurial endeavors, primarily in publishing and sales.
  • Michael Braden
    Michael BradenAdviser
    Michael is an experienced CPA, with a Master's in Accountancy and Taxation from Boise State University. He has worked for several public and private accounting offices. Michael is a senior adviser at the Treasure Valley SBDC and teaches QuickBooks, Excel and accounting. He is well versed in financial topics in both Idaho and Oregon and helps our clients who own businesses in both states. He is our liaison to the Veteran business community and facilitates our monthly VSBM cohort group; providing our Veterans with guidance to grow vibrant businesses in our community.
  • Jimsie Crouch
    Jimsie CrouchAdviser
    How do your colleagues describe you? “Jimsie is passionate about her work. She is highly organized, hard-working, results-oriented, and trustworthy.” Why do you do what you do? I love helping people achieve their dreams. Bio: Jimsie received an Office Specialist Certificate from Treasure Valley Community
  • Christina Grace
    Christina GraceAdviser
    Christina Grace specializes in several areas of business advising, including start-ups and growing existing businesses responsibly. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and studied Alternative Holistic Healing through the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International. Christina has more than 20 years of experience in owning and operating successful family businesses. She is bilingual and bicultural and has traveled to South America and other Latin countries to bring back new business insights.
  • Chris Hollaway
    Chris HollawayAdviser
    Chris is a generalist who helps clients attain government contracts and Construction Contractors Board licensing. He also works with the artistic clients who request advising. His experiences with publishing have made the SBDC a destination for aspiring authors in the area. Chris is the author of a fantasy/adventure series. He is currently working on the fourth installment in the series.
  • Roy Vargas
    Roy VargasAdviser
    Roy has extensive experience in mediation and other HR disciplines. His depth of experience in farm labor management is significant and provides our community with a steady resource to facilitate communications with our vibrant farm business community. Roy's bilingual advising and understanding of the Latino culture has expanded the scope of the SBDC here at TVCC.

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