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Clowning Around is Serious Business for Regina Wollrabe

Regina Wollrabe always knew she wanted to be a clown. While attending Clackamas Community College, she created her dream: Cha Cha the Clown. Despite her penchant for humor, Regina needed guidance for the serious side of clowning. At the SBDC, she found a supportive community who pinpointed the caveats many artists face when confronted with the business side of their passion.

Nailing the business of clowning means Regina does more of what she loves—bringing joy and excitement to people. Laughter is medicine, she explains, and healing for the bones. It creates dopamine and takes you out of a place of sadness. When she clowns, Regina sees the happiness she creates: “I want to bring Disneyland to the world when I’m clowning.”

Her youngest audiences, especially preschoolers, are extra special for Cha Cha: “I want to encourage kids to do the things they want to do and that they’re special. I want them to see that grown-ups make mistakes, and I want to be the fool to help them see that.” Regina’s encouragement for the next generation plays out through her work with the magazine The New Calliope, where she directs Junior Joeys, a program that transforms interested children into clowns. Regina “Cha Cha” was awarded Clown of the Year by Clowns of America International in 2016.

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