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Crater Lake Zipline

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Zip lining to Business Success with Help from the SBDC

Darren and Jenifer Roe wanted to combine the exhilaration of zip lining with the breathtaking views of Southern Oregon’s Klamath Basin. Today, Crater Lake Zipline is the longest in Oregon, taking three hours to complete with nine zips, two sky bridges and two rappels. It gives participants a view of the highest layer of the forest.

The Roes’ came to the SBDC to finesse a business plan, seek capital for the project, launch and hire for their newly established company.

“The expert help and support that we receive from the Small Business Development Center team often provide the expertise we need to bridge the gap of what we’re really great at and what we need help with,” said Jenifer.

On August 15, 2015, Crater Lake Zipline opened, creating nine new jobs in the community and infusing a healthy dose of capital investment into the economy of Southern Oregon.

“The SBDC is a valuable extension of our team,” said Jenifer. “We know we can count on their help in keeping the doors open and keeping our staff working. In a world where running a small business keeps getting more and more complicated, we need partners like the SBDC.”

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