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From successful catering business to nonprofit with skills from the SBDC

“Do you camp?” asked Steve DeAngelo, owner and founder of DeAngelo’s Catering & Events. “We find that people who love to camp make excellent caterers. You have to love the daily setup and tear down.” DeAngelo’s catering has done just that since 1982.

“You’ll never experience what business is like today, until today. With the ever changing business environment in today’s economy, it was critical to focus on growth and profitability,” he said. “The SBDC really taught me to do what I do best, and to outsource the rest.”

One of the biggest advantages of using the SBDC for Steve has been the opportunity to grow his business to the point he can enjoy life outside of the kitchen. He has taken many of the principles he learned in the SBDC classes and applied them to his nonprofit work. DeAngelo is chair of Potluck in the Park, which has been hosting a dinner every Sunday for anyone in need of a hot meal for the last 23 years.

“I love it.” Steve said. “It keeps my drive alive and I’m able to bring what I have learned from SBDC and my business to the nonprofit side of my life.”

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