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SBDC helps Elite Forklift Services double revenue two years running

John Cook never imagined he would be an employer. When he was laid off from a forklift company, he decided to take his skills and start his own company, Elite Forklift Services. After five years in business with flat revenue, John started the Small Business Management Program and saw immediate results.

Within the first year of the program, Elite Forklift Services doubled its annual revenue. By learning better financial management and the skills to build successful teams, John moved the business into a new shop and hired additional employees.

“Hard, honest work is what built my business,” John said. “The SBDC exploded it with better tools to understand financials and build teams.”

Through the Small Business Management Program, John worked with a cohort of businesses in different industries experiencing the same challenges. Together, they learned from the instructors and each other. In his second year of the program, John continues to see his business grow with revenue doubling again.

“I would recommend a visit to the SBDC for anyone thinking about starting a small business,” John said. “Had I done this, I would have avoided costly mistakes and been more profitable.”

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