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Get Assistance Applying for Federal Research & Development Grants


To help bring innovative concepts to the marketplace and help Oregon businesses grow, we assist qualified Oregon companies in preparing proposals for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants. SBIR/STTR are competitive federal grant programs that award funding to small businesses to engage in research and development that have the potential to commercialize new technologies.

Since 2008, Oregon businesses have received $69 million in SBIR/STTR grants for research and development.

Need help writing your grant proposal?

Oregon Small Business Development Centers can offer:

  • Advice and assistance to qualified businesses in preparing and meeting the rigorous requirements of SBIR or STTR proposals
  • Editing of draft and final proposals for completeness, professional presentation and other critical factors

To be eligible, companies must have these qualifications:

  • Ideas and concepts that address the needs identified in one or more SBIR/STTR solicitations from federal agencies
  • The skills and experience to fulfill SBIR/STTR solicitation requirements
  • Plans and capacities to commercialize technologies resulting from SBIR/STTR awards

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