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Magyar Land Surveying LLC

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Surveying Success with Help from the SBDC

Mike Magyar had been a professional land surveyor for 25 years when he decided to start his own business.

Having heard about the SBDC, the first thing he did was make an appointment with a business adviser.

“He said, ‘How far are you?’” Mike said. “I said, ‘How far am I with what?’ I basically hadn’t done any real analysis about starting my business at all.”

That was July 2016. By September, he was open for business in Astoria.

His adviser had assisted him in writing a business plan and acquiring a loan. Having vast experience and training in land surveying meant Mike understood the industry. But he didn’t know how to run a business.

“The SBDC helped me articulate my vision in very specific terms,” Mike said. “They set me up with a bank who was eager to lend to someone like me.”

Mike then purchased the measuring and computing equipment he needs to do his work and a truck to transport it to jobs.

“It’s been a staggering realization of just what it takes to run a business and be a professional in my industry,” Mike said.

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