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Small Business Management Class Helped Gym Owner Boost Membership

Tony Jeffries worked at Monmouth Fitness Club for 15 years before purchasing the gym.

Just three months into ownership, Tony started the SBDC’s Small Business Management class in fall 2016.

“We loved the class and we’re already getting signed up for the next step,” he said. “I would recommend it to anybody who is starting or has already started a business.”

The class helped him develop better human resources policies, streamline his finances and update the gym’s marketing practices, Tony said. The gym took some of the advertising funds it had been spending on TV commercials and newspaper ads and put it into social media and sponsoring at local sporting events, he said.

“Membership has gone up about 7 or 8 percent since starting the class,” Tony said.

With the SBDC’s help, he’s now working on writing an employee handbook.

Monmouth Fitness Club offers personal training, group fitness classes and kids programs.

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