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Oregon Small Business Development Center: Training and Specialized Services 

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Have you ever wondered how you can leverage the Oregon SBDC Network and our services to help launch and grow your small business? Whether you’re located in an urban center or rural Oregon, our 20 regional Centers and Global Trade Center assist entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the state in all aspects of business with our training and specialized services.

Each Center is backed by our statewide network of support to help you find the right solutions and strategies for the success of your business. Our services include:

  • Training
  • No-cost advising
  • Small Business Management Program
  • Succession planning
  • Capital access
  • Market research
  • Cybersecurity
  • Global Trade Center
  • Innovation


Small business owners can take advantage of the array of in-person and online classes offered through the Oregon SBDC Network. Some of our most popular topics include how to start a business, QuickBooks essentials, marketing for your small business, Construction Contractor Board (CCB) test preparation, and much more. 

To browse classes near you, first find your Center.

No-Cost Advising

Each of our 20 regional Centers provides no-cost, confidential advising for small business owners at any stage of business. Whether you’re seeking some guidance on writing a business plan, analyzing your business’s financials, or growing your team of employees, our knowledgeable business advisers can provide expert advice and connect you to valuable resources.

Advising requires filling out our online intake form and, at some Centers, attending a free introductory workshop to see if advising is right for you.

Small Business Management (SBM) Program

The Oregon SBDC’s SBM Program has one goal: to make you and your business more successful! Grow your business through this unique training program, which combines one-on-one coaching from an experienced adviser with classroom learning and business networking with other entrepreneurs.

The result is a customized plan to help you streamline each aspect of your business, financials and human resources and financials to digital and traditional marketing. 

The program typically starts in the fall with classes following the host college’s schedule.

Succession Planning

When you own a business with employees, personnel changes are inevitable. Having a plan for that inevitability is a critical aspect of your business!

At the Oregon SBDC Network, our experienced advisers help small business owners with succession planning, which keeps your business moving forward even as changes occur. 

From assessing your current workforce and identifying your top performers to strategizing on how to preserve institutional knowledge when key employees leave, we can support you to create a succession plan that fits the unique needs of your business. 

Capital Access

To be sure, small businesses often struggle with access to funding and finding the right financing to meet their needs. If you need support as you seek funding for your business, the Oregon SBDC Network’s Capital Access Team (CAT) is here to help!

CAT’s highly specialized advisers provide expert advising, training, and support for small business owners seeking funding. Of course, all advising is confidential. The CAT team works collaboratively with a local SBDC business adviser to help clients work toward their goal.

Market Research

Is your business ready for growth and job creation? Better information leads to better decisions at this critical point in your business. The Oregon SBDC Network’s Market Research Institute provides customized, data-based research reports and market intelligence for established businesses that anticipate growth. 

Reports encompass a wide range of topics and databases centered on your needs and goals that can help your business:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Better understand the competitive landscape
  • Refine business plans

Connect with us to see if leveraging the Market Research Institute is the right next step for your growth.


Cybercrime poses an increasing threat in our interconnected world. However, many organizations do not have a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place. The Oregon SBDC Network’s Cybersecurity program, located at the Mt. Hood SBDC, offers educational awareness, workshops, training, and no-cost advising for businesses to address their cybersecurity needs.

Through collaborative partnerships, the SBDC Cybersecurity program brings world-class cybersecurity presenters for events, training sessions, and webinars.

Click here to see upcoming events. 

Global Trade Center

The Global Trade Center, hosted at Portland Community College, has been supporting entrepreneurs in taking their businesses global since 2017.

The Global Trade center is the only center in Oregon specialized in international trade. Therefore, it serves as a statewide resource, combining one-on-one, no-cost trade advising with programs taught by business experts.

If you’re interested in expanding your customer base to international markets or importing products from your global supply chain, then the Global Trade Center can help at no cost to you.


The Oregon SBDC Network is proud to partner with organizations across the state that help us in our mission to build Oregon’s best businesses.

One of those partners is VertueLab, a valued partner in innovation. Oregon SBCDs partner with VertueLab to help tech companies in Oregon navigate and apply for grants through federal funding opportunities.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) are competitive federal grant programs that award funding to small businesses to engage in research and development with the potential to commercialize new technologies.

To be eligible, companies must have the following qualifications:

  • Ideas and concepts that address the needs identified in at least one SBIR/STTR solicitation
  • The skills and experience to fulfill SBIR/STTR solicitation requirements
  • Finally, plans and capacities to commercialize technologies resulting from SBIR/STTR awards

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner excited about making a difference in tackling climate change and competing for an SBIR or STTR grant, you can connect with your regional SBDC for more information.

Ready to Get Started?

Oregon’s small businesses are as unique as our state. Whether you’re preparing to launch a business or planning to exit one, the training and specialized services needed to be successful starts with connecting with your closest Center.

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