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Mike and Crystal Manes are the new owners of RHR Heating LLC in North Bend, Oregon. They provide residential and commercial services for heating and air conditioning installation and repair, and natural gas installation for gas units in Coos, Curry and Douglas Counties and beyond.

Mike had worked for the previous owner of RHR Heating for over seven years. Mike loved his job and one day Mike was asked if he would be interested in taking over the business (the previous owner was thinking about retiring). Mike’s answer was a resounding “yes”

Mike and Crystal were wondering where to start, but knew they would need a loan so they went to their bank. The bank told them they would need a business plan and referred them to the SBDC. The SBDC had never crossed their path before. Crystal contacted the local SBDC in Coos Bay, Oregon and met with Mary Loiselle, a Business Advisor. Mary explained all the resources that would be available to them, including LivePlan, an online business plan software program. Mary walked Crystal through all the steps to writing their business plan. Over the next several months, Crystal and Mary met regularly to complete the business plan. Throughout the process, Mary introduced Crystal to different lenders they could work with. Funding options can become overwhelming. Crystal learned that sometimes one lender would not be able to help but another one would.

Crystal’s advice to others as they go through this process is, “Don’t get discouraged. Just keep working on your business plan and work with your advisor.”

As Crystal worked through the business plan, she was able to forecast the next three years of information regarding how the business would potentially operate. It was insightful to see areas that needed to improve and how slight changes could make a huge difference in the month-to-month operation of a business.

After several months, the business plan was complete. Now they were ready to present their plan to the different lenders and work through the funding process. With the help and support of different lenders in our community, the Manes were able to close on their business at the end of November 2023 and become the new owners of RHR Heating LLC.

Mike said: “Our customers have known me for years, I have been the face of the company. Now we’re the owners.” Crystal added: “If you want to buy or start a business like we did, go to the SBDC. They have professionals that can help you in every area of starting a business, writing a business plan, and helping you find the right lender. I highly recommend their services.”

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