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The Capital Access Team (CAT) helps businesses access capital with specialized advising, training and support. CAT advisers have specialized training in business finance and understand the financial landscape in their local areas, both traditional and nontraditional sources. The program challenges business owners to look at their financial models before determining the best path forward.

The Typical CAT Process

  1. New clients to the SBDC register for confidential business advising with their local SBDC.
  2. CAT hosts initial client phone conversation and determine next steps.
  3. Clients work to get funding ready.
  4. Clients without experience raising capital may enroll in the CAT training program to accelerate their trajectory and expand their knowledge of different funding options.
  5. Clients work with CAT to explore the capital landscape and develop a finance strategy.
  6. CAT advisers review client funding packages, provide feedback and suggest additions.
  7. CAT advisers can also provide pitch coaching for approaching funders and assist with funder relations and connections.

Success Rates

The CAT process has been refined for optimal results. Completing the entire process is challenging, and while only about 35 percent of clients who are initially interested complete the process. For clients who do complete the process, generally, about 75 percent get funded.

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Overview of CAT process