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Access the Capital Your Business Needs

Business owners seeking to deepen their financial knowledge and management skills are supported through the Oregon SBDC Network’s Capital Access Team (CAT).

Located across the state, CAT’s specialized advisers—many of whom are retired career bankers—provide entrepreneurs with expert advice on accessing capital. This expertise helps businesses foster economic growth and resilience at all stages and across industries.

Following an online readiness assessment, CAT advisers prepare business owners for funding through one-on-one guidance on business planning, financial projections, developing a finance strategy, and assisting with funder relations and connections.

CAT advisers have specialized expertise in business finance and knowledge of the capital landscape in their local areas. This includes traditional and alternative funding sources. CAT advisers challenge business owners to examine their financial model before determining the best path forward.

Working with CAT

  1. New clients to the SBDC register for confidential business advising with their local Center.
  2. Those seeking CAT assistance also submit a new CAT client inquiry.
  3. CAT advisers conduct an initial client phone conversation and determine the next steps.
  4. Clients work to be “funding ready” on a business plan, financial projections, and a project budget.
  5. Clients receive coaching to expand their knowledge of different funding options and eligibility.
  6. Clients work with CAT advisers to explore their local capital landscape and develop a finance strategy.
  7. CAT advisers review client funding packages and provide feedback.
  8. CAT advisers can also provide funder pitch coaching and assist with funder relations and connections.

Success Rates

Working with the CAT team results in successful funding for about 75% of clients who complete the entire CAT process. Since its founding in 2011, CAT advisers have served nearly 3,000 small businesses in Oregon and helped clients access more than $321 million in total project funding.

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