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Get Customized, Data-Based Reports to Make Informed Business Decisions!

Having the right data to make important decisions can mean the difference between success and failure for a business. Oregon SBDC’s Market Research Institute provides customized research reports and intelligence for established businesses anticipating growth.

This data helps businesses identify opportunities; better understand the competitive landscape; refine business plans; and make smarter, more informed business decisions. With better information, we are helping Oregon’s businesses grow and thrive in competitive markets.

Through professional research and actionable market intelligence, the Institute’s reports help small businesses gain a competitive edge. The team combines experience in research and data analysis with an understanding of business needs from SBDC Centers and advisers across Oregon. This process results in high-quality, customized research reports that support business goals.  

The Institute has access to a wide array of sources and different types of market and industry research, including subscription databases and government and industry resources. Databases cover various topics, from insights into customer demographics and psychographics to industry trends and forecasts. Staff evaluate the quality and reliability of each data source and explain any limitations.

How the Market Research Institute Can Help Your Business Grow

Researchers locate and compile existing research data from multiple sources, analyze the data, and build reports at no direct cost to Oregon SBDC clients.

The Institute’s reports include:

The Institute also conducts primary market research for specific market development strategies, including survey work as well as other primary research needs. This fee-based service is available by request for those situations that require more in-depth, specialized information. 

To access more information about this service, contact your local Center.