Small Business Advising

Launching into opportunity

Growing your business

Adjusting to change

Preparing for the next stage

Our no-cost business advising is the backbone of every service the Oregon SBDC provides. Our experienced business advisers support small business owners at every stage—from idea to launch, expansion, renewal, and exit strategy. They are with them every step of the way.

No-Cost, Confidential Advising

Our knowledgeable business advisers are experienced in various business topics, including writing a business plan, analyzing cash flow, marketing, hiring, and intellectual property concerns.

Our advisers have a thorough understanding of how to start and operate a small business in Oregon and are trained to provide support and expert guidance to help you at every stage of your venture. They can also connect you with other valuable resources to help your small business thrive.

Our no-cost business advising includes topics such as:

Small business owners learn from experienced business advisers whose own skills, experiences, and perspectives can help guide your business toward success.

All advising is confidential and provided at no cost to clients.


One of the most valuable roles our SBDC advisers play is problem-solver: helping small business owners respond to and handle challenges they face in all aspects of running a business. From accounting to hiring, sourcing to marketing, unfortunately no business is immune to problems on its journey to success.

Access your confidential, no-cost small business advising at one of our 20 Centers located throughout Oregon.