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Get a customized data-based report to make informed market-building decisions!

The Market Research Institute provides customized research reports and market intelligence for established businesses that anticipate growth. This data helps businesses identify opportunities, better understand the competitive landscape, refine business plans, and make smarter, more informed business decisions. With better information, we are helping Oregon’s businesses grow and thrive in competitive markets.

How the Market Research Institute helps

The Institute’s market research reports encompass a wide range of topics and market analyses to build a customized marketing plan based on the client’s needs and goals. Researchers can locate and compile existing research data from multiple sources, analyze the data and build reports, at no direct cost to Oregon SBDC clients. The Institute also conducts primary market research by request, for specific market development strategies, as a fee-based service for those market situations that require customized solutions.

The Institute’s reports include:

To access market research information contact your local Center.