Small Business Management Program

Determining your potential

Growing your business

Adjusting to change

Learn from the Best on Successful Business Management

The Small Business Management program (SBM) offers a unique combination of classroom learning, one-to-one coaching, and business networking. This program has one goal: to make you and your business more successful.

The SBM program covers a wide range of management topics and has a customized curriculum. There is a special focus on helping small business owners identify and prioritize outcomes and develop a plan to achieve them.

Business owners will benefit from classroom sessions led by seasoned management-level professionals, many of whom hold a master’s degree in business management, and peers who already own a successful business. There is also one-to-one advising, which provides the small business owner with management coaching by a professional business adviser.

How the Small Business Management Program Works

The SBM program is available at most of our 20 Centers and typically starts in the fall, with classes following the host college’s schedule. Class participants often come from a variety of different industry sectors. This provides different perspectives and opportunities to grow throughout the program.

The curriculum consists of class meetings, individual business advising, peer networking, and work on the business.

SBM program topics:

The program is aimed at helping small business owners and management-level professionals of established businesses become better leaders, communicators, problem-solvers, and strategic decision-makers. It also addresses the challenges of creating an attractive business concept, building lasting customer relations, maintaining profitable operations, and developing a strong organizational structure.