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Shrimp Daddy

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SBDC Helped Shrimp Daddy with Bait for the Local Fishing Economy

As a forest service firefighter nearing retirement, Mike Gatens decided to start a wholesale bait business in Waldport to supply fisherman with shrimp.

Mike and his employees harvest shrimp out of the bays. They then sell the shrimp to bait companies, such as D&G Bait Inc.

To get his business going, Mike took the SBDC’s Small Business Management course. The class helped him understand business taxes, loans and marketing, he said. Mike continues to take monthly SBDC courses and implements what he learns into his business.

“It’s going to help me grow,” he said. “It already has in many ways.”

Mike said one of his goals was to create jobs in his small community, especially for young people. Seeing his business grow and provide employment for others has been rewarding.

He is looking to open a retail bait shop in addition to his wholesale business. It’s the SBDC that has instilled in him the confidence to pursue new business ideas, he said.

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