American ITC

American ITC secures 10 year government contracts with help from SBDC

Bobbye Darcy didn’t anticipate owning a business painting parts for some of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world when she started getting help from the SBDC. A serial entrepreneur with a passion for finding opportunity, Bobbye saw a gap in the robust aviation services market and took a leap into aircraft finishing.

Aviation painting and finishing requires advanced technology and significant risks to make the company go. The SBDC’s Small Business Management program helped Bobbye and her husband navigate these turbulent skies to find new opportunities for growth. The SBDC helped with understanding the financials and formalizing the business structure to support the company’s long term growth.

“The SBDC helped us know where we were, where we wanted to go, and how to get there,” Bobbye said.

This process helped the company secure long term government contracts and new business. The company recently purchased a sandblasting chamber to expand the range of services offered in-house.

“By understanding our financials and through better forecasting and understanding our profits in greater depth, we’ve been able to make the bigger investments to be successful,” Bobbye said.

Today, American ITC has numerous contracts, including on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The company has experienced 40 percent growth and continues to be set for success.

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Elite Forklift Services

SBDC helps Elite Forklift Services double revenue two years running

John Cook never imagined he would be an employer. When he was laid off from a forklift company in 2009, he decided to take his skills and start his own company, Elite Forklift Services. After five years in business with flat revenue, John started the Small Business Management Program and saw immediate results.

Within the first year of the program, Elite Forklift Services doubled its annual revenue. By learning better financial management and the skills to build successful teams, John moved the business into a new shop and hired additional employees.

“Hard, honest work is what built my business,” John said. “The SBDC exploded it with better tools to understand financials and build teams.”

Through the Small Business Management Program, John worked with a cohort of businesses in different industries experiencing the same challenges. Together, they learned from the instructors and each other. In his second year of the program, John continues to see his business grow with revenue doubling again.

“I would recommend a visit to the SBDC for anyone thinking about starting a small business,” John said. “Had I done this, I would have avoided costly mistakes and been more profitable.”

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Nine Peaks Solutions, LLC

Technology Company Grows Up with Help from SBDC

Sometimes success finds its way through adversity and can create something new and better. In 2015, Eric Skidmore’s thoughts of finishing his career and looking to retirement took an abrupt turn when his employer was bought out by another company. Eric found himself without a job, but he had an idea for a company. He turned to the SBDC and Nine Peaks Solutions was born.

Eric started Nine Peaks from a spare bedroom, using his cell phone to call on clients and arrange meetings with his book of contacts from his previous business. The software changes provided an opportunity in the market to help his former customers with their software solutions.

The SBDC helped transform Eric’s business idea into action, making it real through advising and classroom sessions that helped Eric work on the business, instead of just in the business. Today, Nine Peaks has 16 employees and 35 clients.

“I would have never, ever figured out that I would be where I am today. It is a great ride,” Eric said. “The SBDC is here for the start and growth. The advisers and instructors help me think about things differently and get the business fundamentals right so the company can continue to grow up.”


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Blaine Noland Construction Inc.

SBDC Helps Local Construction Company find the Structure for Success

Blaine Noland grew up in the construction industry and is as comfortable with a hammer as the best writers are with a pen and paper. After working for his father’s construction company, Blaine wanted to do more and decided to strike out on his own without any tools, starting Blaine Noland Construction. Demonstrating his skills working with customers, Blaine soon had his phone blowing up with new business.

He turned to the SBDC after qualifying for business financing assistance through a local program. The program required that Blaine take SBDC classes to further hone his already impressive business skills. Blaine first enrolled in the Launch Your Business course and is now in the Small Business Management program.

The SBDC helped Blaine manage his company’s financial structure to keep pace with his rapid expansion. Blaine brought the construction skills, while the SBDC helped him learn the other elements essential for a successful business. Today, Blaine has 25 employees.

“The SBDC staff really want to help you get where you want to go. I don’t feel rushed, it is really impressive.” Blaine said. “I would absolutely recommend the SBDC to new business owners.”

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Arclight Dynamics

From Prototype to High-Growth Company, the SBDC’s Assistance is Growing with Arclight

Scott Cunningham first came to the Central Oregon SBDC with an idea and a prototype of a CNC router to carve realistic replicas of the area’s surrounding mountains. With no router solution commercially available, he created his own and discovered he had a potential business. He started in the SBDC’s Launch class where he prepared his business structure, turning his idea into a company.

As the company grew, Scott joined the Small Business Management program, where he gained deeper insights into the day-to-day operations of the business. By continuing to focus on product development and getting assistance from the SBDC on business operations, Scott identified new markets for his routers. By keeping production in-house, Arclight Dynamics controlled costs while maintaining high product standards.

With continued year-over-year growth of 40 percent, Arclight joined the Scale Oregon program to receive additional specialized services focused on the unique challenges of high growth companies. The SBDC helped Arclight create the systems to make this growth work by reducing inefficiencies.

“Don’t hesitate, take bigger risks, and don’t be afraid to invest more in your company,” Scott said.

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