Angela Gaudet

How do your colleagues describe you?

Experienced, adaptable, and resilient individual thriving in dynamic environments. Adept at diverse skills from business to interpersonal relationships. Enthusiastic learner, creative problem-solver, and dedicated teacher with a passion for connection.

Why do you do what you do?

To empower entrepreneurs to avoid my early business struggles. With the SBDCs programs, one can master business essentials efficiently. Start strong and/or expand wisely – I wish I’d had this support.


For 28 years, Angela Gaudet and her husband, John “Jack” owned a thriving sign-making, awards, and engraving business in Columbia Falls, MT. In 2023, after selling the business, they established a new company to mentor the incoming owners and oversee operations. Angela’s adept navigation of technological, economic, and societal shifts during nearly three decades in business underscores her adaptability. She excels in problem-solving and innovative solutions, with expertise spanning administration, marketing, customer service, and finance. Her journey cultivated qualities of patience, frugality, and mindfulness. Having relocated to Newport, Oregon, the Gaudets eagerly embrace their vibrant new community.