Austin Fisher

How do your colleagues describe you?

“He has lots of technical knowledge and is always happy to teach eager learners.”

Why do you do what you do?

I have had a passion for technology since I was a little kid and that has only expanded through the years. I now have the opportunity to combine that passion with the love for my home state and help grow the economy by supporting all 19 Oregon Small Business Development Centers.


Austin is a recent graduate from the University of Oregon where he obtained a business degree with a concentration in operations and business analytics. While attending school he worked for the Advanced Technology Division at Lane Community College supporting staff and faculty with IT, finance and special projects. He is a native Oregonian from the small town of Pleasant Hill who loves watching sports, coaching, hiking, and photography. He is happy to be a part of the OSBDCN team and excited to see where this next stage in his life takes him.