Bruce G Porter

How do your colleagues describe you?

Words used to describe me include passionate, authentic, collaborative, mentor, transparent, and fair. "You always know you stand with Bruce and where he stands on issues and, more importantly, solutions."

Why do you do what you do?

I believe that being of service is one of the highest calling for a life's work. I have had a wonderful experience in this industry and now have the added benefit of helping others. Sharing both my successes and failures as a roadmap to help others find their path to the joy of a successful restaurant – brings me great satisfaction.


A Portland native, Bruce has worked throughout the US in Hospitality or Retail. Widely recognized as a restaurant industry Subject Matter Expert and leader, Bruce earned a B.S. in Social Science (Psychology) from Portland State University. His passion for the industry began when he started as a dishwasher at a busy seafood house at 14. Bruce brings over 20 years of Hospitality Operations and Systems expertise. He served as Managing Partner for Oba Restaurante’, Training Manager for the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group, Director of Restaurant Operations for Concept Entertainment, and Director of Operations for the RingSide Hospitality Group. He works to improve outcomes using systems and agreed upon frameworks. He believes in – and works toward- authentic dialogue, thus creating a climate of Personal and Professional Growth. Bruce specializes in analyzing restaurant operations for efficient, profitable solutions to problems and challenges facing the Hospitality Industry.