Cindee Henderson

How do your colleagues describe you?

“Not your average grandma, I love helping people, adventuring in the great outdoors and a good challenge.”

Why do you do what you do?

I love people and I always want to help them achieve their business goals, whatever they may be. It’s so much fun to watch people gain confidence and to grow. It’s like reading the next chapter in a book and seeing what’s next.


Cindee worked for 25 years as a comptroller in the automotive industry before starting her own business in 2014, which she currently owns and operates. Her experiences include marketing, accounting, creating systems as well as various leadership roles. Previous to the automotive industry she worked in the accounting and worker’s comp premium audit field. Her exposure to various businesses through her work history gives her a variety of resources to help fellow business owners. Cindee has experience as a new start-up business as well as from the planning stages to implementation and growth phases of business.

Cindee attended college at Blue Mountain Community College and Easter Oregon University with an emphasis in business. She also has numerous fitness certifications that pertain to her current business model.