Dan Sizer

How do your colleagues describe you?

They describe me as a…”creative problem solver” “ambitious, relentless, and positive” “master of time management” “idea-focused and design oriented” “full of empathy” and my favorite: “dance party initiator”

Why do you do what you do?

Of the quotes above, ironically the one that provides the deepest insight into my motivations is “dance party initiator.” So much of my life is predicated on the idea that life is worth having fun with, and why not fill it with positive, empathetic interactions. Both in business and in life, I strive to see people wholly and create mutually beneficial relationships through creative means.


Dan keeps coming back to his roots in Baker County. After receiving his BA and honors from Lewis & Clark College, multiple years abroad, and exploring careers ranging from the USFS, to culinary and hospitality work, to teaching, to design and multi-media, Dan returned to Baker City in 2016 to start Go Wild, an upscale backpacking tour company.

Go Wild, entering its fifth year in 2021, has achieved success through Dan’s aptitude for out-of-the-box marketing, attention to detail, and creative partnerships. Though unique in some ways, Dan’s work and success in Eastern Oregon tourism is widely applicable as he has overcome many of the same hurdles facing other businesses trying to open doors in this less-than-robust economic zone. Dan cares deeply about equity and quality of life in his small Eastern Oregon community and believes that entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to address these things. His work has led him to involvement in other for-profit ventures, non-profits, and contract government work.