Doris Shen

How do your colleagues describe you?

Doris is an amazing person to work with! She’s dedicated, loyal, creative, organized, and always encourages others. She’s honest and helpful, and she’s great at both working on her own and as part of a team.

Why do you do what you do?

I strongly believe that by coming together as a collective, we can explore innovative ways to support one another and promote the growth of small businesses.


Doris Shen, originally from Taiwan, made the United States her home in November 2013. With a diverse background spanning over two decades, Doris has gained extensive experience in teaching, recruiting, consulting, team building, and customer service across Taiwan, Singapore, and the United States. Her broad expertise makes her a valuable asset in her current role at the UCC SBDC. Doris is also a co-owner, along with her husband and two others, of a local gift shop located in the charming historic downtown of Roseburg, Oregon. Her vision revolves around inspiring everyone to embrace the importance of shopping locally, supporting small businesses, and contributing to the growth of the local micro-economy.