Ian Reid

How do your colleagues describe you?

Curious. Great listener. Loves strategic thinking. Likes handy work. Ian wants to understand how people and things work. He likes to help others and understand how they feel.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I can! I think everyone’s role matters. However big or small we think ourselves. I also love systems. They are omnipresent and impact everyone all the time, which leads me to the butterfly effect. Flap your wings, more things happen than you could ever imagine. Flap them again, who knows what goodness it will bring!


Ian has held positions both as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur in various industries. For over a decade, he worked closely with small, medium and larger enterprises both in economic development counseling and guiding entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and transfer their business, and as co-founder of a business processes consulting firm that went from two to twenty-six employees.
He completed a master’s degree in user research and experience to better understand the dynamics of human needs, that he believes ultimately fuels business and the economy.

Filled with curiosity and endless ideas, he launched multiple web businesses, managed teams, and helped in aligning vision and everyday actions for many organizations.