Jason Edwards

How do your colleagues describe you?

My colleagues describe me as someone who is, “intelligent, resourceful and compassionate.” As an experienced educator, entrepreneur, and active community member, I take much pride in helping to empower people of our local community.

Why do you do what you do?

The aspect of networking with community partners and connecting people to available resources is a very rewarding enterprise for me personally. I am a firm believer of both the mission of education as well as the power of free enterprise to change peoples’ lives. This position allows me the opportunity to work directly with the community and to help create a prosperous local economy that is accessible to all members.


Jason offers a unique blend of experience in the sectors of public education and private business ownership. After graduating from Southern Oregon University with a BA in International Studies and a MA in Teaching, Jason taught high school Social Studies and Spanish for many years. His years of teaching and coaching are highlighted by the attainment of the VFW Teacher of the Year award in 2019-20, receiving the OACA Assistant Coach of the Year award in 2021 for coaching football and his involvement in the CommuniCare program where his students were able to fundraise and make a significant impact to the efforts of local non-profit organizations in Clatsop County. Jason is also experienced in local and international real estate investment, e-commerce, and has created and developed 8 different business concepts in two different countries. Jason’s experience as a teacher and a business leader help to deliver high quality programming and assistance for both employers and members of the workforce alike.