Jason Moon

How do your colleagues describe you?

Jason is a daily trail runner. He also absolutely goes the distance to build a strong business community, and has the right commitment and approach to building lasting relationships.

Why do you do what you do?

I truly love cultivating authentic relationships and making a positive difference in the daily lives of everyone I encounter. Although I have an immense fondness for everything music, collecting vinyl records and 80’s Pop Culture, my real passion is leveraging my expert knowledge and partnerships to create, identify, and develop opportunities for businesses to succeed.


For over 15 years, Jason Moon has been working and advocating for small business clients in a variety of complex roles. His extensive professional background in manufacturing, technology, and financial services make him an empowering force for business owners. Jason, a military veteran with a degree in Business Administration, has been a trustworthy leader with a proven track record in banking, product and team development, marketing and business and community development. He’s experienced with successful implementation of engineering management systems, marketing and business development plans, social media strategies, website design and development, making him both creative and analytical minded.