Jennifer Dye

How do your colleagues describe you?

“Jenny Dye has more grit and drive to listen, observe, learn, and strategize inside her than almost anyone I have ever met. And she embodies these qualities while being an excellent communicator, easy to work with and always maintaining her personal integrity.”

Why do you do what you do?

As an experienced small business owner for many years, I truly enjoy helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. I also love to help advisers on their paths to professional development, and to build a team that contributes superb value to their clients, community, and stakeholders.


Jennifer has a distinguished background in business development and leadership. As the former Associate State Director at the Washington Small Business Development Center, she provided operational oversight for 33 centers and demonstrated a strong commitment to business resiliency and strategic stakeholder engagement. Jennifer’s ability to deliver valuable educational resources throughout various phases of business growth is a testament to her deep understanding of business dynamics and her dedication to community service.

Jennifer holds an MBA in Leadership from the University of Washington/Bothell, where she was recognized for her leadership and business consulting acumen and subsequently was invited to teach Marketing and Management courses for the School of Business. She also holds certificates in Adaptive Leadership and Digital Transformation and Business Analytics.