Jim Parks

How do your colleagues describe you?

“Jim is a small business cheerleader, enthusiastically guiding owners on their path to success.”

Why do you do what you do?

“I am a small business adviser for a whole host of reasons. Small businesses are the engine of our economy, an outlet for innovation and creativity and provide the opportunity to develop a nontraditional work-a-day lifestyle. It is my pleasure to work with people who take their futures into their own hands and make a go of it. Every day I look forward to collaborating with entrepreneurs and helping move them toward their goals.”


Jim’s focus is on getting small businesses up and running. Starting with business plans and moving through marketing and QuickBooks, Jim will get you off on the right foot. Jim has many years of personal experience as an entrepreneur. He owns several companies which he has built from scratch and is always willing to share his experience with others. If you are searching for an adviser who can address issues from top to bottom, he is the adviser to contact.

Jim has a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science/International Affairs and Master’s in Business Administration.