Justin Deedon

How do your colleagues describe you?

Innovative, energetic and knowledgeable in social media, marketing and IT solutions.

Why do you do what you do?

The internet is like the wild west, eventually it’ll be a thriving environment for economic growth, but first it needs to be refined and made usable by all. My goal is to lower the barriers to entry to online business success by demystifying the internet and how it works in relation to your business. Students will leave my class with a better fundamental understanding of the internet and it’s potential.


Justin Deedon is a UCC alumni who dedicates his entrepreneurial endeavors to bringing the full power of technology to Douglas County. He has worked on projects from data center development to low-cost IT support solutions for those in need. He continues his dedication to this cause by assisting SBDC clients in the areas of online marketing presence and system developments to demystify the difficult field of technology.