Kayla Banda

How do your colleagues describe you?

My colleagues often describe me as the “duality queen,” centered between fun and down-to-business, art and commerce, concept and structure. Balance rules!

Why do you do what you do?

Small business brings empowerment to entrepreneurs, their families, their communities and our greater society. When individuals are allowed to share their voices through something as powerful as business, we’re one step closer to a future that represents us all. I do what I do so that others can share their voices and make their dreams come true.


Kayla brings five+ years of helping clients start and grow their businesses, with focuses on marrying brand and business model, art-based business, jumping the growth chasm and marketing strategy that works. With a BS in Marketing and an MBA under her belt, she brings structure to business strategy development and implementation. Kayla also co-owns a small creative company which shares the balance of creation through film projects and other creative mediums.