Keith Sherrill

How do your colleagues describe you?

An avid collector of stories and life experiences via a ‘willingness to seek out the most demanding assignments.’ Described by a former professor as a ‘gifted and thoughtful communicator,’ while former Army teammates have noted my ‘Southern accent as a soothing attribute in stressful situations.’

Why do you do what you do?

I am a believer in the American dream. The ability of the entrepreneur to advance their lot and contribute to their community is unparalleled in discipline and impact. It’s a privilege to serve small business owners. This particular cohort of society consists of the brave. That is who I serve and that’s why I do what I do.


Born in Seattle and raised in the South, Keith Sherrill has a genuine love for the Pacific Northwest that was established at birth. Like the salmon, he has returned! Keith served most of his adult life in the US Army, quickly rising in the ranks within the elite 75th Ranger Regiment and 160th SOAR.

Upon exiting the military, Keith applied his lessons learned and leadership to his own entrepreneurial pursuit; he built an award-winning microbrewery and beer brand from the ground up. In addition to his experience as a practitioner, Keith holds an MBA from The College of William & Mary and is a graduate of the Stanford GSB’s Ignite program.