Lori Schaafsma

How do your colleagues describe you?

“Lori is a team player that will find a fun way to navigate the path to success! She pays attention to detail and searches for cost effective business solutions.”

Why do you do what you do?

Small businesses are the superheroes of our communities! They come to the rescue to fill a need and provide services at many levels, while creating jobs that build our local economies. I am part of an awesome team of guides that helps small business super heroes build and maintain the foundation of their path to success!


We all have certain fears associated with owning and operating a business. Having focus and understanding your business finances are critical. Lori helps her clients navigate the process of creating a business plan, with emphasis on maintaining the focus of why you started the business in the first place. She helps business owners “own” their financials by showing them a clear and easy understanding of the various numbers that reflect the pulse of their business.

Having a background in retail sales, banking operations training and development, and family farming and ranching, Lori has the experience, skills and ability to find solutions for your business needs. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it!