Maureen Quinn

How do your colleagues describe you?

“Someone who takes you under her wing and guides you to success. She has such a wide variety of business experience from baking to banking.”

Why do you do what you do?

“I have a strong background in banking and financing and enjoy exploring funding options with clients who are looking for capital. Having started and run my own successful business, and having seen it through from concept to reality, I feel genuinely qualified to advise other potential entrepreneurs. Being a long-time resident of Central Oregon, I have a good handle on the economy of the region and its resources.”


Maureen is a long-time ‘lead adviser’ at the SBDC. In addition to advising her clients, she teaches classes on “How to Start a Business,” “Launching a Successful Business” and “Pricing for Products & Services.” She has a strong background in banking and finance and spent seven years working at an investment bank on Wall Street in NYC. She is considered an expert in business finance and the lending process.

Maureen has also worked as a successful realtor learning about contracts, negotiations and marketing. She and a partner owned and operated a retail and commercial bakery and café in downtown Bend for eight years. Maureen brings wide experience and knowledge to assist small business owners in Central Oregon and to help others start and grow their businesses.