Michele Merhib

How do your colleagues describe you?

Others often describe me as joyful and calm and… a super organizer. The funny thing is, I sometimes “out-organize” myself and can’t find my new “that makes sense” location.

Why do you do what you do?

I love sharing my experience and knowledge as a retired business owner. Having been a “solopreneur,” a business partner, a franchisor consultant, and a franchisee, I get excited when I talk business with current business owners. I love helping people create systems for their business, their employees, their money management, and more!


Michele’s entrepreneur journey started in 1999 when she completed massage school. She was booked 2 months out, while her classmates struggled. Utilizing her business degree, she opened a small studio in 2002. She initially hired therapists as contractors, then quickly converted them to employees. Why? To provide consistent service. By 2005, with her first location a success, she opened a second location. This was also successful and attracted a franchising company. In 2006 she sold her business concept and consulted with Elements Massage for 10 years. At that time Michele took on a business partner which allowed her to learn how to structure and work in a partnership.