Randa Law

How do your colleagues describe you?

“Randa is warm, inviting, and compassionate. She approaches her work methodically and competently. Her process is thoughtful and patient, and she engages others in that process as well.”

Why do you do what you do?

I find satisfaction in knowing that I contribute to the success of others and play a positive part in their journey. My professional life has been about service; working directly with individuals or coordinating teams and programs. At the Oregon SBDC Network, I have the opportunity to support a system that helps people every day.


Randa hails from the Midwest, where she grew up in a small community as the eldest of five children. Early work experiences as a car jockey and a donut finisher motivated her to attend college. She graduated from Minnesota State University with degrees in Social Work and Psychology. Her career has included jobs at a county jail, a women’s clinic, and a music marketing company. She has worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, a career coach, and the coordinator of a career center. Her experience working with dislocated workers, employers, and workforce development programs has provided her with a multi-faceted perspective of business and workplace issues.