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Food Truck Gets Start with Research and Planning from SBDC

Darci Hawkins’ battle with cancer for eight years encouraged her to eat healthier and eventually become vegan.

After experiencing the positive effects of a plant-based diet, Darci wanted to share those benefits with the Roseburg community. In 2016, she opened the Wrappin and Rollin food truck, which sells veggie wraps, spring rolls, rice bowls and soups with gluten free selections, that are all vegan and sourced from local farmers.

“The people who know the benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle just get so excited,” Darci said.

Darci did the Dream$avers Individual Development Account program in Roseburg. A grant matching program that helps individuals reach their business or educational goals, Dream$avers provided Darci with the funds to buy the food truck. Her husband then renovated the truck, which is located Tuesday through Friday at the Garden Valley Shopping Center. They sell at the farmers market on Saturdays.

Darci worked with SBDC to write a business plan. SBDC also provided her with market research from the Market Research Institute.

“They provided some information for us that we wouldn’t have known,” Darci said. “They were really cool about helping us get through whatever next step we needed to take.”

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