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Learn from the best in our Small Business Management Program


The Small Business Management program (SBM) is a unique combination of classroom learning, one-to-one coaching from an adviser and business networking with one goal: making you and your business more successful. Over up to a three-year period, the SBM program covers management topics with a customized curriculum and helps you to identify and prioritize outcomes and develop a plan to achieve them.

Business owners will benefit from classroom sessions by learning from seasoned professionals as well as their peers who own small businesses. The one-to-one advising provides the small business owner with coaching by a professional business adviser.

How the Small Business Management Program works

The SBM program is available at most of our 19 centers and combines one-on-one coaching and classroom sessions covering everything from human resources and financials to digital and traditional marketing. Class participants are often from a variety of different industry sectors who can learn and grow from each other throughout the program.

The program typically starts in the fall with classes following the host-college’s schedule.

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