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SBDC helps local artist find new online markets

Sharon Sawicki started taking silversmithing lessons after she retired from teaching elementary school in 2006.

Pretty soon, a jewelry-making hobby turned into a business.

In 2016, she realized she needed help managing her growing enterprise. Sharon knew she was missing out on a big market by not selling her jewelry online and using social media. She went to the SBDC and took the small business management class. She also started meeting with an adviser.

“He could help tailor the information I was getting from the classes into my specific situation,” Sharon said. “One of the things I’m particularly impressed about in his advising is he is listening to what I’m doing and my goals and helps me get there.”

She got help marketing her business on social media. SBDC also helped her with business skills like accounting.

Sharon, who uses copper, silver and semi-precious stones in her jewelry, sells her creations in Fisher’s Flowers & Fine Art, among other locations in Roseburg. The SBDC is helping her set up an Etsy account to sell online, she said. Sharon is also looking into selling her jewelry at wineries in the region.

“SBDC has been very helpful and supportive,” she said.

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